[How to deal with the sea shrimp]_How to deal_How to remove the shell

Pay attention when eating shrimp, because the shrimp shell is relatively hard, and it will be injured once it is stuck, so how to deal with it?

Fresh sea shrimp can be easily peeled into the shell, but you must also pay attention to the method. Once you are pierced, don’t take it for granted. If you have a small wound, you need to disinfect it in time. You can rinse it with water and then apply the disinfection solution.Or protect it with a band-aid.

Raw shrimp shelling method 1, peel the shrimp shell from the third section of the shell.

2. Remove the shrimp feet.

3. At this time, you need to pinch the tip of the shrimp head and pull it forward to remove the first half of the shrimp shell.

4. Pull back from the tail to remove the second half of the shrimp shell.

What should I do if my hands are stuck in seafood?

Eating shrimp often will inevitably be punctured. If your fingers are punctured and your skin is damaged, even small wounds, do n’t take it seriously.

Remember to do disinfection in time. You can scrub it with alcohol or iodine. Do not touch the wound randomly before the wound is healed to avoid being infected.

Don’t underestimate these small wounds. If you don’t take care of them, they can easily become infected, and they can be life-threatening in severe cases.

Shrimp is not edible for everyone. We all know that some people cannot eat seafood products.

If you are allergic to seafood, people with allergies, or people with a history of allergies, it is best to stay away.

Never be greedy for a moment, don’t be lucky, or you will regret it after an accident.