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Winter jujube is green, and because it matures later than ordinary jujubes, it is called winter jujube. Winter jujube has a sweet taste and cannot be dried for consumption. Therefore, winter jujube belongs to the fruit category; red jujube is a jujube loved by female friends.The effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi is that women can eat beauty and beauty, so what is the difference between jujube and jujube?

Come and see with Xiaobian.

Dongzao (also known as Yanlaihong) is a high-quality late-maturing fresh food species in northern Shandong.

Dongzao belongs to the family Rhamnaceae and Ziziphus.

It is an excellent late-cooked fresh variety of thornless jujube tree.

Jujube, also known as jujube.

It has been listed as one of the “Five Fruits” (Peach, Plum, Plum, Apricot, Apricot) since ancient times and has a long history.

The most prominent feature of jujube is its high vitamin content.

Therefore, jujube has the reputation of “natural vitamin pills”.

Jujube is a temperate crop with strong adaptability.

Jujube is known as the “iron crop”, has the characteristics of drought resistance and corrosion resistance, and is the first choice for the development of water-saving forest and fruit industry.

Winter jujube is a type of jujube. Because it matures relatively late each year, it is called winter jujube. Winter jujube can only be eaten fresh and has a short storage time. Generally it can be stored for about three months. It is not easy to break, the sales cycle is long, and the winter jujube cannot be dried.
Jujube is dried after being dried with jujube. It is not the same as winter jujube.

The skin of Dongzao Jujube is thick, tender and juicy, no residue after chewing, strong sweet and slightly sour, excellent taste, and the most suitable for fresh food. The vitamin content is 70 times that of apples and 100 times that of pears. It is extremely rich in nutrition and is known as “Live Vitamin Pills. ”

Its kernels are small and kernely.

Jujube is a jujube. Its most prominent advantage is that it has a very high vitamin content and also has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing yang.

Although winter jujube is not the same as red jujube, they are powerful foods that can be eaten in moderation to help your health.

Jujube is not dried in winter.

Although winter jujube and red jujube belong to one type of jujube, the biggest difference between them is that winter jujube can only be eaten fresh and belongs to fruits, while red jujube is a dry product and belongs to vegetables and fruits.

Winter jujube has a large water content and can only be eaten fresh. It must be stored in advance and cannot be dried.

Jujube is dried with jujube and can be used for drying and storage. It can be eaten when there is no jujube.