[How to remove jujube skin]_How to remove_How to remove

Many people eat jujube without peeling, and eat it directly after washing, especially the fresh jujube skin does not need to be removed.

But some people are not used to eating with skin, so how to remove the skin of red dates?

If the big red dates are fresh, the method of peeling with a fruit knife instead of peeling them is a bit troublesome, but the removal is still clean.

If it is sun-dried red dates, you can soak them in water for three to five hours and boil them after boiling.

How to remove jujube skin 1. Peel a fruit knife. If you are peeling fresh fruit dates, you can use a fruit knife at home, and then wash the fresh dates to remove the surface moisture. Then use a fruit knife to slowly remove the date surface.All the peels are removed, and the jujube meat inside can be eaten directly.

2. When the peeler usually peels the date, you can also replace the peeler at home. This method is suitable for those fresh, head-to-head jujubes. Wash the jujube you want to peel with water and take it in the left handThen remove the peel on the date by holding the peeler in your right hand.

In fact, when you usually eat red dates, you don’t have to remove the date skin, because the date skin is also rich in nutrients, people can eat it just by washing it, and it has many benefits to the human body.

The simplest method for peeling red dates 1. Most common red dates in life are dried dates that have been dried. They are particularly troublesome when peeling. At this time, you can soak the prepared dried dates in warm water for 3 to 5Hours, allow the dried dates to swell with water, and then boil the red jujube pot with boiling water. After taking out, you will find that the jujube skin of the red dates has automatically cracked. Then you can peel off the jujube skin by hand.

2. When peeling red dates, you can also replace the flour sieve in your home. Before peeling red dates, you should first soak the red dates with water, soak them in water and swell, then steam them into the steamer and steam them.Take out the red dates to cool down, put them in the prepared flour sieve, and grind and press hard. At this time, he will leak from the small holes of the flour sieve when he walks, and the peel and core will fill the flour sieve.